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On December 14, 2015, downeaster commented on Net-a-Porter: Bringing Luxury Online and Around the World :

Interesting article. Net-A-Porter seems to be another digitally native retailer that has expanded into a more physical presence (others include Warby-Parker and Amazon). The physical magazine approach is unique and seems really well suited for their particular target demographic. Also, thought that the small touches – the luxurious black box goods arrive, the magazine-esqe quality of the website – help appeal to their high-end clientele. I wonder if it makes sense for them to stay independent, or do become part of a larger luxury / retail business? Seems like it would fit well in LVHM’s portfolio, or as the high-end arm of Amazon / Alibaba, which would allow them to leverage the operational capabilities of the larger organization but still focus on their traditional customers.

On December 14, 2015, downeaster commented on Swissair – meltdown of a national icon :

Really interesting article! I wonder what influence governmental interference had in Swissair’s inability to fully realize the planned synergies? We have had multiple examples of successful US airline mergers (United-Continental, Delta-Northwest, American-US Air), however they were working in a single large market with regional players. It seems like Swissair was investing heavily in other national flag carriers – such as TAP Portugal and Austrian Airlines – and may have met resistance to cost cutting in the countries they were based. It seems like market conditions have improved lately in Europe and airline mergers and partnerships are being warmly received, with BA’s successfully taking over Iberia and Aer Lingus. If Swissair attempted this strategy today, perhaps they would have been more successful?

On December 14, 2015, downeaster commented on ARM Holdings – Powering the Smartphone Revolution :

Really interesting article on a fascinating company! As the smartphone industry consolidates around a few large players (Apple, Samsung, etc), do you see ARM as being able to stay independent and just license out IP? Is possible they may be acquired by one of these smartphone producers or even a large chip manufacturer that doesn’t have a strong R&D capability (Global Foundries)?