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On December 14, 2015, Doug commented on Ecolab: A Nexus of Innovation and High Quality Service :

Well done Adam! I hadn’t heard of this company and those are some amazing returns for investors. I found their product mix pretty interesting, namely to have both pest removal/kitchen cleaning products as well as petroleum-based energy products. Crazy! Just goes to show that if the model of customer first is working, you might as well do it all.

On December 7, 2015, Doug commented on Uber: global disruption of an old industry :

Etienne, solid pick in Uber! I think it’s success really highlights the value in having a business and operating model that support each other in perfect harmony. Interesting that you worked on the adoption of new drivers in Montreal. I have used Uber in several different countries now and remember being really surprised when it existed in Brussels (it was the first place I used it other than the United States). As you mentioned above, it is absolutely huge that Uber seems to have to do very little to gain traction in new areas. When I visit my girlfriend in Birmingham, AL I generally panic when I have to get an old fashioned taxi. Despite being one of the largest US towns, it is without the glories of Uber. I imagine that this is due to legal challenges and you eluded to as well. I think challenging the legal status quo could be added to why Uber is successful. Seems to me that this is one “fight” of man y as the world moves to a driver-less car model and Uber is paving the way to garnish a lot of those profits, too.

On December 7, 2015, Doug commented on Off-Grid Electric’s Mobile Power :

Ankit, this is a really interesting business model to me. I am quite fascinated by power from alternative energy sources, but generally turned off when the economic model requires significant support from the Government or another outside organization to remain sustainable. Combining two needed items (cell phones and a power supply) gets around some of those problems, but it also seems to require that the country has poor power generation/grid capabilities [Off topic, but it makes me wonder if a similar concept could be used in developed countries]. OGE seems like a great company to watch!