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On December 14, 2015, Dmitry Zhdankin commented on Bolthouse Farms: Turning a Billion Pounds of Carrots into a Billion Dollars :

Selling healthy food is extremely hard. Especially, when it comes to selling it outside of the upscale outlets like Whole Foods that accommodate a pretty narrow segment of population. It was great to see that their model is to provide healthy food at accessible locations (vending machines) and at an accessible price point.

On December 14, 2015, Dmitry Zhdankin commented on Qali Warma [kal-e war-muh] :

I really liked that Qali Warma created committee’s that were composed of a variety of stakeholders, especially including the parents and teachers. I would imagine that these two groups would be most concerned for the well-being of the kids, as opposed to government officials or food suppliers. As with any government program, carefully aligning incentives is key to successful outcome. Not at all surprised that World Bank/FAO picked up on this and tried to replicate it elsewhere.

On December 14, 2015, Dmitry Zhdankin commented on FedEx Ground’s Remarkable Ride to the Top :

What was most interesting is that FedExG was able to maintain efficiency while not owning the trucks/drivers. One would imagine that for a company that derives its profits from running complex logistics, it would be important to own their distribution infrastructure to avoid overlap etc. However, it sounds like a distribution network that is in essence self regulated is better fit for the complexity of the delivery business. In a way, reminds me of the Uber model.