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On December 14, 2015, Dino commented on Sweetgreen: Live the Sweetlife :

Nice post Brian. Never been to Sweetgreen, but I’ll definitely check it out after reading this. My question is how differentiated they are from other salad places (e.g. Chop’d). I’ve seen quite a few of these chains (even though I don’t remember all of their names), and I wonder what makes Sweetgreen stand out when compared to its competitors? Is the market just so big that competition isn’t really a big problem yet (demand much greater than supply?) or is Sweetgreen renowned as a leader among other chains and steals their business?

Nice post Akeel. I have heard of Bonobos a few times since coming to HBS, but never shopped there. I can definitely relate to the problem of finding the right fit for the pants. However, I haven’t been able to figure out from your post how they ensure a great fit for their customers? Nonetheless, I guess I’ll have to give Bonobos a try.

Great post Ian. I feel I have a much better understanding why SpaceX is such a special company. I wonder though, as the company becomes even bigger and more successful, if the engineers will start demand higher salaries and benefits and how that will affect the company?