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On December 12, 2015, DeJeune commented on TED: Changing the World, 18 Minutes at a Time :

I never made this connection before, but TED definitiely reminds me of Threadless. With the Threadless case, we asked whether the company value was the community or the shirt making. Do you think the value of TED is the education/infosharing or the community?

On December 12, 2015, DeJeune commented on MinuteClinic – Aligning towards convenience :

I love this model. When traveling for work, it was extremely difficult to make and keep a doctor’s appointment. The minute clinic makes healthcare so accessible for people of all walks of life. Thanks for sharing more info on this.

Love this topic! The for-profit social enterprise model is a controversial one, though. Many people are skeptical that anyone can manage the double bottom line without sacrificing one for the other. What’s your take? How can Bridge and other companies like it overcome that skepticism/challenge?

On December 11, 2015, DeJeune commented on Airbnb and The Sharing Economy: Creating Value for Everyone :

I’ve always wondered why AirBnb caught on so quickly. Prior to AirBnB, I’d used, but no one in our peer group really uses that site. However, many of the same listings are on both sites, which seems to indicated that the homeowners see value in both. Any thoughts on why homeowners might list on both but users prefer AirBnB?