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On December 14, 2015, David commented on Aravind Eye-Care System – McDonaldization of Eye-Care :

Aravind, great post. No wonder why you chose it. I loved the model. It is incredible how innovation of business model allied to a cost saving operating model can help healthcare delivery. The Aravind way of cross subsides among cost consuming and revenue generators is interesting idea. However, I am concerned if it is sustainable enough when you have more complicated i.e. costly healthcare procedures. It is well applied when there is predictability, which is the case of low risk procedures. However, with procedures with higher risk and more costly, worse outcomes are more frequent and predictability is low, what can lead to extremely high costs. Any thought on that? Best David

On December 13, 2015, David commented on TaskRabbit: Your Retinue of Errand Runners :

Thomas, great post. Another example of the sharing economy. Very well laid out the business model. However, I wonder if tis business model is sustainable given its decreasing demand for its service and lots of complaints by its costumer’s regarding service quality.

Amazing video!! 🙂

On December 13, 2015, David commented on Skydrop—the “Uber” of instant deliveries in LatAm :

Bernardo, congrats for the post. I think you laid out pretty well how the company integrates its business model with its operational model. Going a little deeper, the business model is very innovative and takes advantage of the new trend of sharing economy, matching supply of small independent delivery agents with demand for its service.
After reading the post however, some doubts remained. How does the company ensure quality to its service, and still ensure quantity of agents? Why does the company prices its service with a fixed fee? The cost of delivery varies with the distance run and size of the package. Does it have any competitor in the market?? I think that the market for food delivery is perhaps pretty narrow if you compare with the market for documents delivery for example.