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On December 14, 2015, Dan Martin commented on Gelson’s: The Super Market :

Now if they could only find a way to keep the paparazzi out! I wonder if this could be a scalable model to an upper crust neighborhood of NYC, Miami, London etc. The premium cache with celebrity status brand could attract wealthy customers in big markets. Wholefoods seems to have such a stronghold in this segment but this model could even one-up WF. Interesting model. Great Post!

On December 14, 2015, Dan Martin commented on Solazyme: from Biofuels to Biofacials :

Wicked post Mike! It seems rare that companies like Solazyme could much such an aggressive turn on the dime and be successful at it. I wonder how much deliberation there was before they ramped down their biofuel projects. I would be very nervous that oil prices could turn around in the near future and they would behind the ball to recapture their market share in the biofuel economy. It does seem like a smart financial decision to enter the less price sensitive, higher margin industry for the time being but I bet the company is secretly hoping oil prices go back up again.

On December 13, 2015, Dan Martin commented on Wayfair – Growing with little inventory :

Wicked post JRW! Interesting that a company that sells roughly $1Bill in home decor and furnishings has almost nothing to do with the product. A tech company at heart, Wayfair simply connects the manufacturer with the end seller and removes intermediate warehousing and selling expenses. I imagine that Quality Control must be an issue for them with such a wide range of suppliers and Wayfair ultimately holding responsibility for defective products. I wonder how they manage this dynamic with their suppliers. I know that Wayfair is a dotcom company, but I also wonder if they would benefit from having a few flagship brick and mortars in major shopping areas. With so much of their expenses consumed by advertisement and marketing, and the large barrier to purchase expensive furniture sight unseen, I could see it being beneficial to open up a store in NYC, San Francisco, LA etc.