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Action: The incredibly complex endeavor of a simple store
Daniel C
Posted on December 8, 2015 at 9:26 pm
Action – a Dutch discount store that sells everything from food and clothes to paint supplies and decorative glow-in-the-dark ducks – is the darling of the European retail market. It’s secret? ...

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On December 14, 2015, Daniel C. commented on Tesla – Winner winner chicken dinner :

Nice article Aldo! I’m very curious to follow their development. Especially like the pyramid idea: first you develop a car that is very fancy, making it a cool brand, and then slowly you go down to the base of the pyramid with a much higher quantity (capturing the extra brand equity that you built).

One of their major challenges will actually be to built out the infrastructure in time (most resources will go into that in the coming 2 years). Especially urgent is making sure that its operational by 2016 (that’s their goal). If they do no succeed, consumers further down the pyramid might not be convinced to go fully electric (“What if I run out of battery?”). How do you think they could make this happen, without diverting too many resources?

ps. Love the title 😉

On December 14, 2015, Daniel C. commented on Clover Food Lab: Changing the Way Fast Food is Made :

Very cool! Especially like the consumer-based testing through the food labs, with constant iterations on proposed dishes. Wonder what other industries can learn from this method of product launches (they basically launch a new product every week!). Side point, but I also really like their way of handling customer interaction (which is right at the menu with a customer rep who takes orders + helps you understand what’s on the menu for the day).

Very curious to see how they are going to scale in the future. I’ve already seen quite a few stores pop-up, how can they preserve this local attitude when they scale into a national org? I would probably go for a more decentralized method (different offerings for different regions).

On December 14, 2015, Daniel C. commented on ALDI – A German success story :

Great piece Peter G.! Interesting to see how successful some of Aldi’s products have been.

I wonder also how good their location / data capabilities are. In the countries that they recently expanded (Netherlands, Belgium, Poland), they have been on very strategic locations (heart of local neighbourhoods, where there are few competitors).

Their store lay-out also really interests me – esp. seeing that they only have so few SKUs (which explains why they can offer their product line in the original boxes, saving further money).