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Truly fascinating use of crowdsourcing… I wish the fact that the government is using crowdsourcing in an attempt to solve major problems was more widely acknowledged and understood. As someone who has worked for the US Government for 12 years, I had never heard of challenge.gov until reading this! Much like the White House petitions website, I fear that knowledge of such a website is very limited, despite its great potential. Are major challenges our society faces losing out on potential solutions because of poor marketing?

On November 13, 2018, Daniel commented on Can an algorithm replace “the pill”? :

Growing up in Catholic schools, I learned about “natural” family planning as a means of birth control. It is really great to see a health/tech company catering towards the market that uses this method. I think a wearable is likely a hurdle to far for the time being as it just feels too… public. Birth control is an intensely private and personal decision and I doubt enough women would want to advertise their own preferences.

On November 13, 2018, Daniel commented on 3D Printing the Future of Rail at Deutsche Bahn :

@Sam – Your final question raised an interesting point, what are the safety and regulatory considerations with AM at DB? In aviation this has been one of our biggest inhibitors to innovation with AM, specifically parts replacement for maintenance, just like DB is wanting to do.

On November 13, 2018, Daniel commented on The Rise of 3D Manufacturing in Footwear: What it Means for Nike :

@Alex – I wondered similarly re their slow adaption of 3D printing… it must be quality. I know Puma also uses 3D printing for prototyping, I wonder if Nike sees the benefit at that stage of production.

I had no idea FB had implemented machine learning in its efforts for suicide prevention! What a great tool, I wonder if they have data on lives saved? I would be willing to bet they could use it when the government comes knocking with ethics complaints and new privacy regulations.

On November 13, 2018, Daniel commented on Turning Big Data into Clean Electrons at NextEra :

In aviation, we often used “time before overhaul” (time based) standards for parts replacement. Conditions based standards often required labor intensive visual inspections or expensive automated vibrations analysis systems. I’m curious to know what upfront costs are involved to track this kind of data across equipment as large as a wind farm. Is this technology already in place to facilitate the machine learning?

IDEO crowdsourcing ideas when their job is the produce ideas… laziness or brilliance?!