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On December 12, 2015, CBR commented on L.L.Bean: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed :

Really enjoyed reading this article! Interesting to hear about LL Beans’s initial failures with the boots and how they recovered. LL Bean has been open about other failures and how they improve, like when they decided to have more stores open 24/7 like the flagship strore. This leads me to belive that Bean is OK with failures as long as it drives innovation and change.

Another point I think is interesting with LL Bean is the channel management, especially since they still use catalogs. I would love to know how LL Bean uses analytics, especially since I am sure they collect very different information for each source (e.g., time on website v. sales per sqft in a store).

Great post! Besides the recent “don’t buy this jacket” campaign, has Patagonia done any marketing of their sustainable policies? Do you think Patagonia is getting full credit from the market for their operating model or do you think people are mainly buying because of the quality / luxury consumer trend?

Also, do you know anything about the price difference Patagonia sees by using fair trade / sustainable policies relative to its competitors?

On December 12, 2015, CBR commented on Barack Obama: Against the Odds :

Very interesting post. I enjoyed looking at the campaign from a business and analytical perspective. It would be interesting to how analytics are used throughout elections overall, especially in regard to detecting voter fraud. In addition, I would be interested to know if the platforms and programs created were solely for the campaign. For example, is having better analytics and programming an advantage of just his campaign, or do all candidates use the same platform and it is just a matter of who uses the data the best?