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On December 14, 2015, Cristiana Torres commented on WeDo Technologies: consistency inside out :

Thank you for your comment, Jonathan!
WeDo was pioneer in exploring this niche market — which is part of the explanation for their national and international success –, so their major competitor is basically the possibility that companies might decide not to hire any company to solve the revenue assurance problem. But the market exists and is still essentially unexplored, WeDo just needs to convince the companies that they would benefit from its services.
I didn’t explore this in the post, but one of the growth vectors that they have just started exploring are partnerships with major consulting firms (Deloitte, Accenture, PWC, etc.). These consulting firms have a privileged access to companies’ decision-makers and might be a key channel to sell the WeDo solutions. I am convinced that if they can successfully develop these relationships, they will have a promising and sustainable future.

On December 13, 2015, Cristiana Torres commented on Farfetch: Global Fashion Online & In-Store :

Evelyn, I’m so happy you wrote a post about a Portuguese company! Farfetch is the epitome of Portuguese entrepreneurship.
Indeed, the omni-channel strategy is one of the key vectors of Farfetch business model, and in line with that they have recently acquired London boutique Browns to develop and test retail and omni-channel solutions. For additional information on this acquisition, the article below is very good!

On December 13, 2015, Cristiana Torres commented on The rebirth of an iconic American manufacturer :

Very interesting post about the ups and downs of AE!
Beside the e-commerce channel, they have also relied on small premium stores worldwide to sell their high quality shoes. This was a supplementary way to ensure capilarity to their business model. Additionally, they have expanded their portfolio to incorporate clothes and accessories.
In brief, they are moving from their core business — which was selling shoes in the US — to sell shoes, clothes and accessories worldwide. Do you think this expansion is crucial for their growth trend? Or are they increasingly distant from the primary identity of their brand (again)?

On December 13, 2015, Cristiana Torres commented on Why WeWork works so well :

Very good post! This is an extremely interesting business, both for its novelty and astonishing simplicity. I think that technology has also been one of the most fundamental vectors of the operational model. WeWork created several internal tools/platforms to make the life of its start-up customers easier — such as the internal social network and the cloud hosting services. This is a fundamental anchor for them to be pioneers in creating the so-called network effect, which will provide them with a future enormous competitive advantage.

On December 13, 2015, Cristiana Torres commented on SpaceX and the Operating Frontier :

This is a very enlightening post for someone with no expertise whatsoever in the Space industry. It’s a niche (yet billion-dollar) sector with huge entry barriers – financial, political and knowledge-specific – that could only be revolutionized by an entrepreneur like Murck (a.k.a. the Steve Jobs of rocket science). I am especially curious to see how he will balance the attempt to create a rocket science business as close as possible to a mass market one when we know this is a structurally limited and exclusive business field.