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Nice post Allen! I’m a huge fan of iPhone products and noticed that during earlier iPhone launches Apple was unable to keep up with initial demand. With subsequent iPhones they seem to have done a better job. How do you think they’ve been able to set up manufacturing to better anticipate and fulfill demand?

Also, Jobs was a “visionary” who created products such as the iPod without any prior consumer research. How do you think Apple was able to figure out the right levels of products to produce during initial launches since they had little consumer insights / demand data? How did they balance fulfilling demand with mitigating overproduction risk?

Those were questions I’ve always wondered about Apple!

On December 13, 2015, Chun Pan commented on How Zara uses supply chain to execute business model :

Love this post! Zara is definitely one of my favorite stores. You mentioned that there’s a centralized design team. I wonder if the teams are split by geographic regions as fashion trends tend to differ in different countries, or do they try to aim for common designs that would appeal to everyone?

I’m also curious about their manufacturing process. We learned in class that usually new products lead to higher defect / lower quality because the processes are so new, and it takes some time / multiple batches before the quality improves. Is this the case for clothing as well? Since they have so many designs I wonder how they ensure quality is up to par when they have so many different SKUs and rotating items every few weeks…

On December 13, 2015, Chun Pan commented on In-N-Out – The Freshest, Friendliest Fast Food :

Awesome post! Another reason to miss California.

You mentioned that In-N-Out does little marketing, which I realized is very true. Though I’ve noticed that most of its stores are located very close to if not right next to highways, and their signs are highly visible. Do you think this is part of their (cheap) “marketing” strategy? If not, how do you think people hear about it? Is it mainly Word of Mouth?

On December 13, 2015, Chun Pan commented on PeekaBOO Pop-up Stores: Spirit Halloween :

Spirit is definitely an interesting model. Operations sounds fairly intensive year-round given the store only caters to one holiday. Are its margins fairly high after considering costs associated with year-round staff (to find store locations, plan, etc) as well as materials used to set-up stores, etc.? I also wonder how they are able to quickly hire and train enough quality temporary staff to support the pop-up stores…