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On December 14, 2015, Chrislisl commented on In-N-Out – The Freshest, Friendliest Fast Food :

Thanks for a great read Leigha! What really struck me about your post is how much emphasis In-N-Out has put in retaining its employees, as well as the amount of money its invested in them. While I can see customer service being important for a dine-in restaurant, do you really think that it’s that much of a differentiating factor for a fast food joint?

Also, as Vincent pointed out, I see Shake Shack as very similar in its focus on customer service and (standardised) quality. What do you think is the key factor that is stopping In-N-Out from expanding in the same way that Shake Shack has? Their emphasis on having their own distribution centres?

On December 14, 2015, Chrislisl commented on Iora Health: Redefining primary care medicine :

Thanks Nicole for this very insightful write up! While reading it the first thing that came to my mind was how one of the restructured tertiary care institutes in Singapore was utilising a similar approach of combining medical and social care to reduce the number of readmissions in a group of high risk patients with chronic diseases. They initially piloted it to a small group of patients who were “frequent fliers” at the hospital in 2013, and have fully implemented it since then.

Do you think that this is a direction that the tertiary institutes could be moving too here?

On December 14, 2015, Chrislisl commented on Trader Joes – Innovation in the grocery business :

Great article Aaron! I found it especially interesting how they optimise the physical space with the diagonal layout of the aisles. Would you happen to know how much smaller a typical Trader Joe’s store is compared to a typical grocer? Am wondering how much of their higher revenue per square foot in comparison to the other stores can be attributed to the fact that they made the strategic choice to have a smaller footprint!

Like Hyon Bin, I’ve also never noticed the lack of technology during the checkout process, and it was great that you pointed it out