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Really great article. I am curious how companies like Walmart responded to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. My assumption is that Amazon will be able to better leverage ML in retail than Walmart can. Therefore, what can Walmart do to stay competitive as the online world begins to invade the brick and mortar world?

On November 15, 2018, Chip commented on ML and Chill: Machine learning at Netflix :

Interesting post! I definitely think that leveraging data to develop content can be a powerful tool. However, do you think that this will limit creativity? In the Ideo case, we saw that some of the most creative ideas come from a blank piece of paper approach. There is a risk that the large amount of data may result in too strict of content development guidelines. Ideally, Netflix needs to strike the balance between data-driven, and non-data-driven content development.

On November 15, 2018, Chip commented on Love in a Hopeless Place: Machine Learning at OkCupid :

Cool article! In the post, you mention that OK Cupid could use known discrepancies from other platforms to inform how the algorithm would work, but not to “call out” people for their lies. How come you wouldn’t want to use data to call this people out? In my opinion, a big problem in online dating is false statements on profiles. If OK Cupid is able to guarantee a more honest dating app experience, it may have a competitive edge in the crowded market.

On November 15, 2018, Chip commented on Can Kialo turn online shouting into enlightened debate? :

Interesting post! I wonder what problems may arise from the control given to the admins/owners. Given that they have significant power over what is posted (and where it sits), they are able to guide the conversation. If done well, this can definitely lead to interesting debate. However, I also see a world where the bias of the admins may drive their decisions. It will be interesting to see what controls the company puts in place to monitor admin performance.

On November 15, 2018, Chip commented on Amazon Go: The Future of Retail? :

Great article! I’ve really wanted to experience an Amazon Go store. Regarding your second question, I think walk-out stores will definitely be the way of the future, given the cost-saving opportunities and the consumer desire for convenience. However, I do believe that some types of stores will continue to have a significant number of employees to help with product selection (just not checkout). Especially in clothing stores, I think that consumers will still want the option of human interaction when picking out clothes, but are okay with going human-less for the checkout step.

On November 15, 2018, Chip commented on The Brains Behind Olay Beauty Care Product Recommendations :

Very interesting article! My biggest question is who is using this technology? Is it Olay brand loyalists who are now buying more/ higher priced goods? Or is Olay stealing share from the smaller brands as consumers seek out the more personalized experience? I also agree with your point that men’s is a huge opportunity for growth, especially given the opportunity to educate men new to the category.