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Nice work, interesting read. It’s sad that the MBTA has gotten to this point. I wish the MBTA would just do whatever they do to operate the subway in Singapore and/or Tokyo. Those systems run like clockwork, are in an excellent state of repair, and are never late for riders. If only we could go over there, study what they do, and then bring the operating model back to the US.

On December 13, 2015, Charlie commented on BCG’s Own Strategy :

You correctly raised that recruiting and retaining talent is key to BCG’s business model. Why then is the turnover upwards of 30% (And even higher if you only look at Associates, Consultants, and Project Leaders)? Clearly something is wrong with the operating model if that much staff quits every year. Because of this in reality the opposite of intentions happen: all the most talented employees leave and the people who stay for a while usually are not as high quality.

On December 13, 2015, Charlie commented on The NCAA: It was fun while it lasted! :

Good summary of the current situation. It’s remarkable that the NCAA has been able to keep its huge amount of power in recent years given the rise of social media. The only group of people that has a stake in seeing changes made are D-1 football and basketball players. Literally everyone else involved has a cushy current model, including athletes in less popular sports. Given that lets hope the athletes can band together across schools and force change to happen. I am unfortunately not that optimistic given that these athletes often have no plan B in life.