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On December 14, 2015, CCC commented on Gilt: A VIP Club for Shoppers of Flash Sale :

Hi Audrey – really great post. It has been very interesting watching the evolution of the “flash sale” industry. While I don’t engage with the consumer goods oriented offerings, I am a fan of the travel sites, and especially Jetsetter. I am wondering how Gilt can utilize its consumer relationships and awareness to drive traffic and purchases through Jetsetter. Do you have any idea why Gilt chose to brand its travel offering through a completely separate brand, as opposed to using something like “Gilt Travel”?

On December 14, 2015, CCC commented on Pagani Automobili S.p.A.: Merging Art and Science :

Dan – this is a fascinating post – I also had no idea that this Company existed. My immediate reaction is…can this business survive without Horatio Pagani? How much of the Company’s unique design capabilities have been institutionalized vs. are held by one individual? I am assuming that there is a decent amount of variability in each model and would be curious to know how valuable he is from a design and marketing perspective.

Steve – very interesting insights here. Two questions for you:

1.) How does the Company ensure availability of product in-store given faster inventory turns and consistent re-stocking? Does Trader Joe’s compensate for a smaller “selling” store footprint with more extensive warehousing or larger stockrooms? Or perhaps given its private label relationships, it can demand more frequent deliveries to its stores?
2.) Do you think the primary advantage of real estate savings within grocery is sustainable longer term? I can’t help but wonder if “medium / big box” square footage will get cheaper over time (or at least decline as a % of costs) as certain retail categories (i.e., sporting goods, consumer electronics) shift more to the online channel.