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On December 13, 2015, Carolyn Geller commented on Blue Nile: A hidden gem in the diamond and fine jewelry online marketplace :

Very interesting post. Given that diamonds are such a large, and some may argue, important, purchase if you’re buying an engagement or wedding ring, I’m curious how Blue Nile has gained customer trust. Do they have any retail stores? If this is just an online platform, how have they convinced customers to make such a large purchase without seeing the product in person? Do they accept returns if customers are not satisfied? What are the risks of allowing returns vs. not?

On December 13, 2015, Carolyn Geller commented on Making Memories with the American Girl Company :

I had an American Girl Doll and Bitty Baby when I was little so this brings back great memories. I actually didn’t own many of the books though so I’m curious where their main source of revenue comes from – is it the books, the dolls, the accessories, or the in-store experience? One of the things I find interesting about American Girl is that they’ve created this ongoing experience for girls. Even if you only own one doll there are still tons of add-ons and accessories you can continue to purchase and receive as gifts. As you noted, I’m also curious how the digital space is affecting American Girl. Are children still as excited about their physical products as I was when I was little or are these becoming less popular?

Kevin, nice post! I’m going to China for FIELD 2 and I’m already realizing the power of wechat before even getting there. It seems like a lot of businesses, including my global partner, use wechat to attract and retain customers, and to sell merchandise. We were told to download it as it is necessary for communicating and conducting research in-country. The app seems so robust – I’m curious how many employees wechat has to make such an experience possible for so many people.