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Thanks, Aparajita – this is great. I’ve always found one of the most interesting aspects of Amazon’s model is its ability to sell products at such low prices (that they sometimes even lose money) and still be such a successful company, so it’s fascinating to learn how it’s able to do that effectively and base metrics on other aspects of the business that make them competitive. Their move into digital (books, movies, and their own TV shows) will also be interesting to watch going forward.

On December 13, 2015, Caroline commented on Trader Joe’s :

Thanks so much for this post, Sofia. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s, so it’s interesting to see how their business and operating models have such big effect on making it an enjoyable and affordable place to shop. It would also be interesting to know more about their hiring strategy and corporate policies because I think one of the other differentiators of Trader Joe’s is its employees, who are generally very enthusiastic, helpful, and high energy. I wonder if recruiting and holding onto great talent is a significant factor in their strategy as well.

This is a great post, Oyku – thanks for writing about such an interesting organization. I’m not particularly familiar with the healthcare industry, but this seems like such a fascinating application of design thinking in an industry that could really use some disruption. It seems like HSS is also using an entrepreneurial application to promote even more creativity and efficiency in its operations. I’m excited to see how the organization progresses and continues to innovate in this space.