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Thank you, great read! I wonder if Ideo’s Open Innovation Platform is applicable to other areas? Would it make sense to also have Open Innovation to collect more ideas to respond to a client’s problem? How does the quality of the ideas generated by the crowds compare to the quality of the ideas generated by the Ideo team?

On November 15, 2018, Capucine commented on Volition: Crowdsourcing Innovation in the Beauty Industry :

Very interesting business model, thank you for writing about it! Stunning that this company outsources part of its R&D to the crowd and then relies on the crowd as well to select which products to develop. It seems like they make people work for them almost for free! I wonder if the community votes for products do actually turn into sales? It seems to me that there might be a gap between liking a concept and actually spending money buying it.

Very interesting and relevant example of use of additive manufacturing! As you described, 3D printing has great advantages in disaster relief: flexibility around inputs, speed, adaptability around design and waste reduction. The idea of having a vast library of designs developed through open innovation is very helpful — as data accumulates, the necessity to have experts on the ground decreases which makes the project more easily scalable!

On November 14, 2018, Capucine commented on The Rise of 3D Manufacturing in Footwear: What it Means for Nike :

Nike allows for some level of customization on their online shop through “Nike by You” (ability to chose design, color and messaging on shoe). I agree that they should invest in their ability to push customization even further to fit exactly their customer’s feet dimensions for instance through “automated” 3D scanning and printing.

On November 14, 2018, Capucine commented on Alibaba & the future of retail :

Alibaba indeed has a powerful data ecosystem on consumers. Their “New Retail” strategy (e.g. investment in Hema supermarkets, similarly as Amazon acquired Whole Foods in the US) is capitalizing on that. Although these investments have been dilutive to Alibaba’s short term margins and have decelerated its short term stock price performance I believe Alibaba is strategically positioning itself for future performance!

Great essay! Regarding your question around Apple’s competition – I do believe Spotify might also be worried for the following reasons:
(i) Apple Music has a larger song catalog (45 million vs. 35 million for Spotify)
(ii) Apple Music allows you to store songs in the iCloud (vs. Spotify from local files)
(iii) Social sharing is easier on Apple Music