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On November 15, 2018, Buang commented on Everything is Awesome: Product Innovation at LEGO :

I do not think that this is sufficient for the company to stay ahead of competition from digital media as mobile penetration rate continues to rise globally. Digital disruption has killed several traditional businesses, so I would encourage LEGO to ride the trend and, instead of competing against digital media, incorporating digital content into its toys just like the way traditional media companies are adding digital content to complement their existing business model. I do not have a specific idea on how LEGO should do that exactly, but I would like to see more interactive toys from LEGO.

On November 15, 2018, Buang commented on Open your open innovation to suppliers :

It is important to maintain a good relationship with the suppliers by establishing the relationship at the CEO level; however, at the end of the day, all parties must benefit from a relationship in terms of economic. I would suggest that Dell set up incentive structure with its suppliers to align their interests by incorporating some variable fees so that both Dell and its suppliers want to make sure that they both will benefit together. I would also encourage transparency among the entities. They should share information and continuously brainstorm in order to maximize collaboration and come up with innovation.

I think Contour Crafting should license its technology to big construction companies around the world because it will allow for much faster adoption globally. Convincing these potential partners should be relatively easy since there are a lot of clear benefits to be shared. Most countries are facing increasing labor cost and long construction time. Utilizing this technology will allow them to build houses much faster and cheaper. A portion of savings will be paid to Contour Crafting as licensing fee, creating win-win solutions. Consumers will also benefit from more affordable home pricing. In addition, I strongly believe that Contour Crafting should focus on meeting current needs on Earth as it is much more urgent with over one hundred and fifty million homeless people at the moment.

On November 15, 2018, Buang commented on The Future of Venture Capital: Humans vs. Machines :

I agree that the best approach is to combine human investment professional and The Machine to analyze investments because they complement each other very well. The Machine relies on historically available data and may not be appropriate for coming up with new innovation, while human investment professional can be more creative and hence innovative. I do not think there is a right answer whether to always choose one side between human investment professional and The Machine when they disagree. However, I think it is extremely important to try to understand why they disagree and start analyzing from there. This approach should yield good results as it allows human to try to understand why The Machine disagrees and initiates further analysis in order to make better decisions.

On November 15, 2018, Buang commented on The Perfect Fit? Adidas Sprints Ahead with 3D Printing :

I believe the move toward a stockless, made-to-order model could be quite risky, especially for fashion goods like Adidas shoes because some customers rely on the company to design and come up with appealing products. In addition, allowing full customization may dilute brand value since consumers may not be able to distinguish Adidas shoes from other shoes. Adidas may choose to allow extensive customization of shapes to fit different customers better but limited customization of shoe design in order to maintain the brand image and allow consumers to identify Adidas shoes among other shoes.

I strongly support the trend of energy democratization as it will increase electricity access to more people. I also support clean energy production as it creates less or no pollution to the environment. Renewable energy especially solar PV faces with reliability issue as it relies on nature; however, now that we have more data about energy production and consumption pattern, renewable energy will play a bigger role in the industry to ensure both clean and reliable source of energy to consumers. To deal with the cybersecurity issue, I believe that blockchain technology will help a lot since it decentralizes the control of information to many different computers and make it harder to hack into the database. Most attention in blockchain is concentrated on the financial service sector, so I would encourage more attention to utilizing the blockchain concept in the energy sector.