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Really interesting post. As we’ve discussed in a number of our classes this year, work-life balance is top of mind for many millenial high achievers. Consultancies are notorious for the time and stress demands it places on its people, which as you’ve noted, are critical assets. Companies like HourlyNerd have created a business model that is potentially disruptive to McKinsey on two fronts: 1) it offers superior flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance for consultants and 2) it has the potential to lower a client’s consulting costs significantly. In the face of these disrupters, how, if at all, can / should a larger consultancy like McKinsey adapt to 1) retain its status as an elite and prestigious employer and 2) preserve its high-priced revenue model?

Really interesting read. Given the importance of social responsibility to the health of the brand, I wonder how difficult the decision is to keep manufacturing outsourced to third parties vs. vertically integrating its manufacturing operations? Even if the Company kept operating in low cost geographies, owning the operations would increase control and could potentially mitigate the risk of non-compliance even further. Obviously there are large upfront and significant ongoing costs to bring an operation like that in house, but I wonder how hard that tradeoff is for them to make.

Fascinating article. In addition to taking steps in the areas of player safety and player conduct to build its brand and expand its audience, the league is also doing things to catalyze interest internationally by playing games in London, etc. If the league was to launch an international franchise, I wonder if the same income redistribution model would be effective? I imagine that existing teams are OK with the current revenue model because most current markets generate a significant level of interest in the league and actually contribute to the value of media contracts and sponsorships. Do you think existing teams would support an equal revenue share for a new, unproven franchise in a geography where football isn’t king?