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On December 13, 2015, Bryan A. Coburn commented on Porcelain God: The Buc-ee’s Empire :

Love that you wrote about this! I had a friend from Texas wore a Buc-ee’s shirt all the time. I have been to one and the concept blew my mind. It really is a tourist trap designed around bathrooms. I am very curious to know how they got the initial “cult” following. I am curious if you think this model is scalable and if they can continue to maintain such an enthusiastic clientele. Way to chose a unique business to look into! Important to remember that a simple change to a standard offering can create a lot of value to people.

On December 13, 2015, Bryan A. Coburn commented on To Infinity and Beyond :

I am a huge fan of Pixar and the way that they go about creating some of the most innovative and heartfelt stories in movies today. I recently attended the Boston Museum of Science exhibit on Pixar and I am blown away by the lengths they go through to make these things happen. I think something that Pixar does incredibly well is meld art and science. Reading what you have here about how they create an environment for creativity reminded me a lot of the science behind their innovative technology as well. In “Brave” the team was met with the incredible challenge of modeling animated hair. They developed a whole new way of modeling hair to get the images just right. Check out this link for a little bit about it!

Pixar is incredible and its amazing to see how innovative they are in both the creative and technical side.

On December 13, 2015, Bryan A. Coburn commented on Roche Holdings AG :

Thorough investigation of a complicated industry and company. Incredible to me how simply rearranging the R&D structure was able to create significant cost savings. I’m curious what made them decide to sell their drugs at low costs. It seems like they should be able to charge an average price on their drugs compared to competitors. Do the specifically provide cheap alternatives to consumers who have poor or no healthcare? Great comparison of the the two models!