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On December 14, 2015, Brendan commented on MinuteClinic – Aligning towards convenience :

Really interesting post, Lisa! Despite their ubiquitous presence, I really didn’t know how they operated. Scalability seems to be inherent to the business model, but as you might predict, I would be curious to hear how the clinic approaches triage of patients who have needs beyond the scope of their care, how they deal with liability, and whether or not CVS is looking to expand into those other provider spaces. To your point about colocation, it would also be interesting to see how medical adherence compares to patients in a more traditional model of separate clinic and pharmacy. I would think it would be better.

On December 14, 2015, Brendan commented on How NOT to run an airline : AirIndia :

Very interesting post, Charanya. You honed in on many detailed operating model failures, which are a shame given the lofty goal of maintaining domestic and international connectivity. I would be curious to see how Singapore Airlines is operating differently to maintain profits and will certainly think twice before booking with Air India when I am there in January.

On December 14, 2015, Brendan commented on Harry’s | Giving Men’s Grooming a Clean Shave :

Great post, Gabo. And beautiful layout. I especially appreciated that you included thoughts about plans for the business moving forward. I would be interested to hear how they plan to expand to other hygiene/care sectors and will be curious to see how they navigate a more medical field such as dental hygiene products where consumers might feel more loyalty to specific toothpaste formulas, etc.