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On December 14, 2015, Bravo commented on iMatchative and the power of AltX :

I have to ask–what do you see are the main differences between what AltX offers, and what quant funds develop internally to drive their strategy? Since investment decisions are inherently based off of the investment behaviors/choice/biases of everyone else in the market, do you see a risk in a reliance on data analytic in driving investment choices? Great, thought provoking post.

I am also very impressed at how Careem is able to offer an operating model perfectly tailored to the business context in which it operates. As I read your post I thought about all of the factors that have led to Uber’s meteoric rise over the years, and it’s pretty amazing how much of its success can be attributed to culturally nuanced elements–trust, labor laws, credit card payments. I think that if Careem is able to establish itself as the “right” solution for the Middle East, it will be able to successfully fend off the inevitable future attacks by Uber.

On December 14, 2015, Bravo commented on Airbnb and The Sharing Economy: Creating Value for Everyone :

Michael–great post. Clearly Airbnb has succeeded in aligning its business and operating models. I wasn’t aware of the 2008 Obama “boost” that the company received, and it seems to have been instrumental in at least accelerating the company’s progress in that is helped them overcome the trust issues/spread word of mouth/etc. I’d be interested in knowing how much of the “trust equity” that this company relies on to continue to scale is now tied to its brand name as opposed to its operating model. The model can obviously be copied, but the brand now seems formidable.