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On December 14, 2015, bldavis commented on Harry’s: Not Your Dad’s Razor :

Hi Michelle! Great post – I love Harry’s. I noticed that your post predominantly focused on their first offering: the razor. Yet Harry’s has diversified away from its subscription razor business and started to offer a full grooming product line, which now commands a large portion of its profits as it has much higher margins. How do you feel that this shift away from its original offering fits into their business and operating models? Do you think that it will have a different core product in the future?

On December 14, 2015, bldavis commented on Emirates Airlines: the International carrier :

First off, I love Emirates Airlines. I think you did a great job highlighting the key differentiators in its operating model that have allowed it to enjoy a huge competitive advantage from a cost and passenger appeal perspective. However, I disagree on your point about the flight attendants. While it’s obviously beneficial to have multi-lingual speakers on board, Emirates does have a somewhat distasteful hiring practice akin to Abercrombie & Fitch’s. Emirates only hires younger, attractive attendants to serve on airplanes and it quietly pushes out attendants over 35. How do you consider this turnover and negative brand image? Will this impact their ability for future success? Or do you consider it part of their assets?

On December 14, 2015, bldavis commented on Bonobos: Hybridizing the Digital and Physical Shopping Experience :

Bonobos as a concept is incredibly interesting! But you left out Andy Dunn’s leadership style, which I think plays a critical role in the company’s struggle for profitability. While very charismatic, Dunn also is incredibly sexist, controlling, and egotistical, which has made HR management very difficult. He’s moved the tech team across coast three times, and four tech teams have quit on him. His co-founder, who created the company concept as well as the pants, left the company because of the toxic relationship with Dunn. In fact, they now teach a case at Stanford GSB on how their relationship transformed from great roommates to completely dysfunctional and dramatic. Additionally, Dunn has created a toxic work environment for women. Former employees have accused the culture of being “broish” and dismissive of women, which Dunn has undoubted contributed through his uninformed comments (e.g., Dunn openly has said that women are inherently not as strong as men in computer science and math).