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On December 14, 2015, Bipul commented on ArcelorMittal USA :

Hey Scott!
Great post. I had 2 observations:
1. Technology is changing a lot of industries. I am curious to know how the data collection and analytics piece that you mentioned in your article is changing ArcelorMittal’s operations and the industry as a whole?
2. You mentioned that inspite of the increasing automation, steel industry still remains labour intensive with labour being a significant cost. I wonder how in the future ArcelorMittal will try to compete with steel companies based in low cost manufacturing locations (like India, China etc.) like Tata Steel, specially once these companies are able to achieve the same quality standards as ArcelorMittal.

On December 14, 2015, Bipul commented on McKinsey – A Lack of Structural Optimization :

Hey Matt!
Interesting article! However, I agree with Bankole that big consulting firms ensure that their is enough functional expertise on all projects. For e.g. I use to work at BCG and we use to interact heavily with the regional/functional experts to ensure that we brought all the perspectives to the client. Moreover, many of these big consulting firms have a very deep knowledge management centre. For e.g. at BCG we had a global repository of all the cases as well as white papers on different industries/ regions. This repository was accessible to all BCG consultants and if we felt that a different global team had worked on a similar project or has expertise on our client’s problem, we always reached out to them to gather the required perspectives.

On December 14, 2015, Bipul commented on Tesla Motors – Revolutionizing the Auto Industry :

Hey Dylan,
Great article! I was really impressed by the fact that Tesla can deliver service upgrades remotely through software patches. I think this is a revolutionary change. Based on my experience of working in the automotive industry, availability of service stations is one of the key criteria for car purchases. Using this approach Tesla has more or less done away with the concept of service stations using software patches. True that cars would still need to go for repairs from time to time but the frequency of such visits would be definitely reduced through these software upgrades.

Hey Sam!
Great post! I really liked your analysis of the “assembly line” type structure that Chipotle have put in place to reduce throughput time as well as to ensure that the variability is minimised. You also mentioned that they have put in place a very simple menu structure so that people do not have a lot of options to modify their order or experiment. I was contrasting this approach with that of Starbucks. In our marketing case, Starbucks in trying to be customer first was very open towards making customisation to the dishes as requested by the customers (for e.g. extra cream, different flavours for coffee etc.). This led to increase throughput time and dissatisfaction among some customers as they had to wait a lot in the line but Starbucks still went ahead with this approach as customisation was what their loyal customers expected from them. It was interesting to see the different approach used by Chipotle!