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On December 14, 2015, Bernardo commented on Clover Food Lab: Fast Food That’s Good For You :

Huge fan of Clover! This post was very insightful, thanks. I had no idea that their recipes were crowd-sourced, but given the high quality, definetely makes sense. I wonder if they could ever become as big as McDonald’s though. I highly doubt it because for one, they would likely not have access to enough supply of ingrediants. Unlike McDonalds, their ingredients are all natural. It’s hard to source such materials–when McDonald’s adds an ingredient to a salad it has to manipulate global supply of that ingredient. Additionally, McDonald’s appeals to a much larger client base due to its lower price points.

As long as I have a Clover near me, no need for them to be the next McDonald’s!

Very interesting post! I now feel obligated to try this beer! One thing is still unclear though, how does the company manage to sell directly to mom-and-pop stores? I thought that the “tree-tier system” forces all alcohol manufacturers to sell to retailers solely through distributors (alternatively, they can sell directly to consumers in the manufacturing facilities with a special permit).

On another note, it seems that scarcity for the Heady Topper has fueled word-of-mouth. I am curious if they have deliberately avoided expansion because of this. If so, I would be disappointed. At this point, they have created a lot of value: a great product that makes people travel and stand in line to obtain. Avoiding price increases or expansion is not being able to capture such value. This obviously affects the company’s profits but it also affects consumers as well. I want one and it kinda sucks that I can’t have one in Boston!

On December 14, 2015, Bernardo commented on Helijia- The World’s Largest Roving Nail Salon :

Super interesting business model and very insightful post. It seems that Helijia is doing anything in its power to remove friction for growth, while maintaining a standard base of quality. Two questions come to mind. How does Helijia ensure safety to its customers? I ask this because I would be a little hesitant of letting a complete stranger inside my house. Also, how does Helijia ensure quality on the other services it provides? I know they use the black box for manicures (and probably pedicures as well), yet I would assume that hair drying, for example, is more dependent on the stylists’ talent than on anything else.

Have you used this service? If so, I would love to hear about your experience using the app.