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On December 13, 2015, BDAVIS commented on Rocket Internet: Starting Businesses in the Fast Lane :

I’m with you Frank. I think this model is top notch. Regardless of the product or service you come up with, the right model to fit it into is the most challenging part. Taking a proven idea and launching it somewhere else removes a ton of risk and enables you to move fast which we know is key these days.

On December 13, 2015, BDAVIS commented on Rocket Internet: Starting Businesses in the Fast Lane :

They certainly have trouble with teams. A friend worked for one of their companies and had to hire so fast he hardly could read candidates resumes. I think what helps them overcome this challenge is that they give so many resources to their companies besides money, such as functional business help which could help get a novice team better prepared.

On December 13, 2015, BDAVIS commented on – Smooth Bokeh starting at $50 :

Very interesting. You don’t think there are any more opportunities to take a traditional business online and then you read something like this. Obviously great success so far, they must be coming close to maxing out this niche market, I wonder what is next for them? Could they get into $500 cameras that an amateur could use for a weekend?

On December 13, 2015, BDAVIS commented on Drizly: the disruptor of the 3-tier system? :

I’ve never used drizly but it seems to be a good concept. Really smart how they created the marketplace to get around the regulation barrier. My only concern is legal troubles in the future. I remember in college there was a liquor store that delivered to apartments. The liquor store ended up getting into a lot of trouble because a minor order the booze, and the driver didn’t check their ID. If public incident like that happen to a drizly partner I think a state could put them on hold allowing competitors to surge forward. Excited to see what happens and will have to download the app.

Great summary. Bonobos clothes are great. I question whether they will be able to turn the next corner for growth and still maintain their unique identity. One thing that does give me hope though comes from the article below. It discuss how Andy had to bootstrap the company and the challenges he faced along the way. He ultimately concludes that what made him successful was an attitude that “the risk is in the risk not taken.” If the company can maintain that attitude and continue to push the ecommerce retail forward more success should be on the way for them.