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On December 14, 2015, bcao commented on Air New Zealand – Bringing the World to Middle-Earth :

Really interesting post, Ollie! I hadn’t known just how popular / well-regarded Air New Zealand is until I read your intro – and then I had to know more about how they do it! I agree that their branding is very strong – from “The Hobbit” themed planes for the international audiences to rugby themed planes for the domestic market – very smart to appeal to both. I also looked up the “skycouches” that you mentioned and they seem wonderful – can definitely understand how their airplanes would be rated so highly, as they’ve taken significant steps towards making an otherwise uncomfortable process more enjoyable. Can’t wait to take an Air New Zealand flight to come visit you in the near future!

On December 14, 2015, bcao commented on In-N-Out: A Fast Food Cult :

As a California native, I really enjoyed reading about the “underbelly” of the single restaurant I go back to every time I go back to California (without fail). I’ve always wondered why In-N-Out keeps to the California area, and had assumed it was an “exclusivity” marketing ploy. I never knew that it was in fact related to their ingredient sourcing policies! I also like your point about keeping the menu simple and streamlined – it reminds me of the Benihana policy of only having 3 proteins on their menu to reduce consumer decision making time / food ingredient costs / storage space and reducing food waste. Nicely done!

… I also never knew you could ask for two packets of spread. :O

On December 14, 2015, bcao commented on OYO Rooms: Disrupting the Indian hospitality industry :

Great post, Adwaita! OYO Rooms is actually my FIELD 2 company in New Delhi so it was fascinating to read your take on how their business model and operating model align. I completely agree with your point that trust and quality seem to be the most important value created by OYO, particularly for the Indian market. I actually hadn’t known about the OYO Cafes – and forwarded your post to the rest of my team! One element of their ever-evolving operating model that I think you’ll find interesting is that they’re trying to establish a new consumer base of “extended stay” consumers (i.e., consumers who stay at a given hotel for >5 days) – this should even further improve the benefits to the hotel that you mentioned, as it’ll ultimately decrease operating expenses from cleaning fees, etc., all the while increasing the “basket size” if you will for guests at their residences. Great read!