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On December 14, 2015, BaaaaagLady... commented on One Medical: The Doctor’s Office. Reinvented. :

Phenomenal post Pia!

I have been a loyal customer of One Medical Group since graduating college in 2009 and cannot envision a life where I’d have to go back to a more traditional doctors visit experience. One additional perk I would like to highlight is that since there is a network of offices you could visit (NYC, SF, Washington, D.C., Boston) that all bill under the same entity you are not limited to just seeing one doctors in NYC or Boston. The convenience of being able to see a doctor in Washington, D.C. and then having a follow up appointment with another in NYC and a final follow up in Boston means that you never have to skip a beat or adjust your life to address any health concerns. During the summer before b-school I frequently traveled between NYC, Boston and Washington D.C. and being able to pick up where I left off each time I went to another doctor in another city meant I could complete the items on my HBS pre-matriculation checklist on time without having to adjust my travel schedule. The convenience factor related to One Medical Group is everything!

On December 14, 2015, BaaaaagLady... commented on Spirit Airlines: flying high on excessive fees and terrible customer service :

Awesome post Lynn!

As I read through the post I could not help but think about all the ways that Spirit has been able to essentially incentivize customer to self-select and further support its dynamic pricing. I bet that the information they’ve collected with respects to the value customers derive from water vs. how many customers would actually buy water at $3 a bottle would be information that other carriers would likely benefit from (assuming the customers are somewhat similar). I wonder how much of Spirits operating model other airlines’ would be willing to experiment with during tough economic times when cost cutting and opening up creative revenue streams would seems to keep them afloat. Would they move closer to this unbundling if it meant keeping the business alive?

On December 14, 2015, BaaaaagLady... commented on Chipotle: Can I have some guac to go with that efficient service model? :

I never really thought about the increased “trust” that results from having customers fact-to-face with the ingredients that go into their food. In thinking back to my experience as a Chipotle customer, it actually does make a difference. More specifically, it gives me the security of knowing I could never be cheated out of the pre-determined amount of chicken or steak I am entitled to for the dollars I pay for a burrito. As I supervise the assembly of the perfect burrito, I can make a real time case for “more chicken/steak please” and increase the value I derive from the burrito that simply. This means they rarely get the order wrong. Its genius and keeps me coming back!