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On November 15, 2018, B9430222 commented on Taste the Future: 3D Printing Chocolate at Hershey :

This is a very interesting article about Hershey. To the point of scaling, is 3D printing custom products going to be too niche? Until 3D printing is cost effective at scale, it seems to only work with the specialty products. On the flip side, can this help them maintain fresher products? There’s currently a shelf life to chocolate and maybe 3D printing can help them extend this shelf life. Overall, I’m interested to see if they can be a leader in 3D printing food or if it will hinder them from expanding in more profitable ways. Is this a side show or is it really the future for Hershey?

On November 15, 2018, B9430222 commented on Airbnb: Utilizing Machine Learning to Optimize Travel :

AirBnB is an interesting company to look at as they have been a big disruptor to the hotel industry. The question that I have is does machine learning help them bridge the gap between the reality of staying in a room vs what it appears like on the website. It is interesting that they are going to be using machine learning to read reviews and rank them. Also, while they have smart pricing for the hosts, do they also have a smart price alert for guests to let them know when prices are more favorable?

This is an interesting piece about Chanel. Will their 3D printing be as fast and cost effective as their current manufacturing? Another option that would be amazing to see: They could keep a 3D printer in every store and keep very little inventory on their floor. When someone wants a product, the 3D printer could just make it for them. Of course, the speed and reliability of the printer would need to increase significantly. Overall though, this would help them save on inventory holding costs and floor space.

The concern that I have with crowdsourcing warehouse operations is that they tend to be very capital intensive, especially when they involve robots. Is a contest enough to incentivize people and companies to build they robots? Also, how far off are we from a fully automated world? It seems that we’re still in the beginning stages of it and there’s a long way to go. Thus, Amazon will likely be working on this problem in the long term and it seems hiring in house might help focus their efforts better. Overall, it’s going to be interesting to see where warehouse fulfillment goes in the future and Amazon will certainly be one of the leaders.

On November 15, 2018, B9430222 commented on ZOZO’S AMBITION: CAN YOU QUANTIFY “COOL”? :

The question that I have is what does mass customization do to their supply chain? It seems that mass customization would slow it down because they have to individually produce to certain measurements vs batch producing. Additionally, do consumers really need their exact measurements in their clothes or does mass producing sizing that is “close-enough” for most consumers work more efficiently? I think it’s great that ZOZO is trying to push the boundaries and predict fashion. I’m very interested to see where they go in the future.

On November 15, 2018, B9430222 commented on Crowdsourcing at Amazon: Democratization of TV / Film Content :

I think that this is a really interesting article. The thing that is tough about crowd sourcing is that words on a page don’t always reflect the finished product that ends up on screen. While it is good idea to try crowdsourcing ideas, the execution of a film is what counts more in consumers and critics’ minds. To your final point, how much of a competitive advantage does crowdsourcing really give Amazon? In an industry where there are millions of bad ideas and a shortage of good ideas, it seems that the good ones tend to float to the top on their own without the crowdsourcing.