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Loved reading your post, Ilene! I follow Ghalichi on Instagram and always love seeing her fashion/beauty shots. My main issue with the business/operating model for Ghalichi Glam is its potential to be replicated by other glamorous Insta-famous celebrities. A way to combat against these efforts could be to partner with other Insta-famous celebrities to offer the Ghalichi Glam platform for their benefit; they could sell products and advertise their ‘looks’ without having to build the platform themselves. Social media promotional ads and plugs on YouTube beauty channels for the eyelashes and beauty tutorial services could also be very successful.

On December 13, 2015, Ashley commented on John Lewis: Would you leave your company to the workers? :

Really interesting post, James. There is definitely an incentive for workers to want the company to be successful. This model reminds me of the Greenbay Packers and the intense pride that everyone in Greenbay has for their team. I see this ownership model working extremely well for service-oriented businesses, but question its ability to be beneficial for businesses that are based on a specific technology or product.

On December 13, 2015, Ashley commented on Osprey Drives Alignment Through Strong Core Values :

Loved reading your post, Sam. Over the summer I went on a backpacking trip around SE Asia and, prior to leaving, did some pretty extensive research on which pack to purchase. Osprey was recommended to be time and again from experienced outdoor enthusiasts, but I had not heard of it through traditional advertising methods previously. A potential improvement to the operating model could be to engage in a marketing campaign, in addition to athlete sponsorship, to reach people not as familiar with outdoor sports. (I ended up purchasing an Osprey pack and it lived up to its durability claims!)