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On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on Just-In-Time…. Pothole Repair?! :

The 311 system seems like an incredible way of holding cities accountable and ensuring citizen’s complaints and requests are adequately taken care of. Government is increasingly seen as inefficient and unresponsive to its citizens. This type of system can help prove to the electorate that they have a stake and a say in their operations of their city and can hold elected officials accountable to the electorate. I also think this system will help attract employees to the public sector who otherwise would have gone and worked in more technical roles in the private sector.

On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on C.H. Robinson: Responding to Uber Freight :

I would be interested to learn about how CH Robinson plans to not only compete with Uber but also with Tesla’s new semi truck fleet. It has become increasingly apparent that the best wedge into the automated driving sector is through trucks/freight vehicles. Uber isn’t going to be the only company to disrupt this sector and CH Robinson is going to have to prepare for that harsh reality.

On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on Unilever – Tea Saving Superhero? :

I would love to understand how vertical farming and sustainable indoor growing fit into Unilever’s equation/solution. As more and more sustainable urban farming companies emerge, they could prove to be a key piece in solving the tea growing problem for Unilever. All plants/produce are going to be impacted by climate change, and barring any major solution to the problem, alternative growing innovations could be the best work around.

On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on A “Target”ed approach to supply chain digitalization :

I believe Target’s problems run much deeper than digitizing its supply chain. Unfortunately for a company like Target, the problem goes to a simple change in behavior and psychology associated with shopping. For most consumers, Amazon is the epitome of ecommerce and I’m not sure how Target competes with that. They can lower prices and digitize supply chain but I believe that ultimately their efforts will be futile – it’s simply too late and too hard to compete.

On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on Digitization of Walmart :

I worry that Walmart’s acquisition of was ultimately detrimental to the business. While they saw it as a way to expand their ecommerce offerings, Jet was an ecommerce company riddled with problems that desperately needed to be sold. Walmart may have been able to acquire tech talent through the purchase of the company but I am not sure it will prove to be an ecommerce asset in the long term.

On November 27, 2017, ar13 commented on Enjoy your morning espresso (while you still can). :

The effect of climate change on the coffee industry is widely understood, but I found it incredibly enlightening to learn about the strides Nespresso has made to minimize their environmental footprint. I know that Nespresso has tried to encourage users to recycle capsules in an attempt to minimize their trash production and would have loved to hear about this as well as other steps Nespresso has taken to become a more environmentally sound company. As mentioned in the comment above, the comparison to IKEA is very interesting because they are both companies that have detrimental impacts on the environment yet are simultaneously impacted by global warming as well. Thus, they have to solve the problem not just for the greater good but for themselves as well.