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On December 13, 2015, Anonymous commented on Copa Airlines: high-yield / low-cost airlines do exist. :

Interesting post, Anna, and an exciting airline. The hub-and-spoke system certainly has its benefits, and many airlines use it for all the reasons you mentioned and more. But there are also many costs associated with the system (airport congestion, fuel inefficiency, etc) and, more-and-more, the industry seems to be moving away from hub-and-spoke toward point-to-point. I think the success of the B787 compared to the A380 is indicative of this trend. How, if at all, do you see this shift impacting Copa’s business?

On December 13, 2015, Anonymous commented on Surf Air – Subscription Private Airfare :

Very interesting post, Michael. I know this new model is something that has been widely discussed in the aviation industry as of late. Frequent first/business-class customers are very important to airline profitability and this model really targets that customer group (those that can afford to pay for a premium experience but not a personal jet), so I can see the potential for disruption. But ultimately I struggle with how a business like this can really grow. What do you see as their primary challenges associated with scaling?

On December 13, 2015, Anonymous commented on Athlete. Legend. Warrior. Rockstar. Renegade. SOULCYCLE. :

Great post, Jenny. SoulCycle is clearly a elite cycling experience, and I can see why the target market would chose it over your normal-gym indoor cycling class. I actually think the bigger competition is with other premium cycling offerings, namely Flywheel. I know Flywheel has also experienced tremendous growth recently. Do you see Flywheel as a threat to the success of SoulCycle and, if not, what do you think differentiates the two?