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Very interesting post!! I’ve been very curious about how globalization/isolationism have and will affect small business prospects in the US, so I’m really glad you picked this topic. I believe that any given country should provide subsidies for small businesses if they employ free trade agreements that might provide additional competition for the small businesses.

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous commented on Designed in California, Manufactured/Assembled in U.S.A.? :

Very interesting post!! It’s fascinating to think about the balance between lower cost outsourced production and the necessity of being in good standing with the company’s end customer country’s government and people. Foxconn’s move to produce a bit in the US reminds me of the times when Toyota was taking hold of the US car market and needed to build production facilities in the US to appease lawmakers’ and customers’ concerns about another country creating a superior product. I’m not quite sure how Trump’s ideas of isolationism will play out in the future.

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous commented on Some Like it Hot: New Startup Can Deliver Your Pizza in 4 Minutes :

I enjoyed this post! Partially because pizza is my favorite food (uh oh according to the USDA fact, I may be basic!) and partially because it’s very interesting to consider robots creating food because labor costs are one of the biggest restaurant P&L constraints. I’d be curious to hear about customers’ experiences with this company, but I’m encouraged for the future of restaurants with the injection of digitalization!

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous commented on Alaska Airlines and Climate Change: Cleaning-Up the Skies :

Interesting post! Climate change and air travel worry me because the increasing strength of the jet stream worries me because of more likelihood for turbulence. As such, I’m glad to see Alaska Air is leading the way for airlines to clean up their carbon footprint. Air travel seems to be mandatory for today’s globalization, so I believe the best case scenario is to find fuel efficiencies. Perhaps one day airlines could plant trees to more than offset their carbon emissions!

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous commented on Planes Can’t Soar in Soaring Temperatures :

Great post!! I’ve been curious about higher temperatures’ effect on air travel ever since I heard about what happened at the Phoenix and Las Vegas airports last summer so I was glad to read about it from your perspective. It sounds great that the planes can still take off in higher temperatures if they reduce their weight via passengers or bags. However, I’m curious – how do these high temperatures affect the safety of the passengers? Would the high temperatures impact on the inability to take off make flying less safe? Would increasing safety risks cause Emirates to also lose business?

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous commented on Maple, a restaurant without walls :

Great post Ian!

It’s interested to hear about how this restaurant/food delivery service tried and failed. While food delivery start ups have proven hot in recent years in terms of VC funding, the industry faces incredible challenges reaching profitability due to the inherently unattractive economics of last mile delivery combined with perishable products. That being said, I agree with your recommendations of limiting the menu for a more profitable offering. Thank you for sharing!