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I have to admit that I wish this company stays alive at least for the new 2 years 🙂
I use it to do my shopping but truly agree with Midori that its hard to asses how much this “Luxury” costs me since its not clear what their markup is.
The question if this is sustainable is interesting since I could also start seeing the retailers themselves starting to offer a similar service, maybe even with lower prices if this was truly worth so much

On December 14, 2015, Aner commented on Combatant Gentlemen: Farm to…Closet? :

Interesting company Joe! Makes you think if this can be done in other sectors as well? And again, maybe to your response to Akash’s point, there is so many sheep they own and it seems to me they might lose customers if they just don’t have the materials to make the suits! I would be disappointed if I went online and couldn’t get the suit when other competitors do offer an alternative

Great post! Love to hear stories not only of successes but of failures cause sometimes its the best way to learn what to avoid! I believe the operating model does not fit in this era and it seems like he failed also because of arrogance!

Great post! Interesting read and thought, especially after today’s Google Car case and the option of “Transportation as a service”. I think this is a problem in many countries. It doesn’t surprise me to see the government both the “Savior” and “Executioner” of the company

On December 14, 2015, Aner commented on Missed Opportunities at Coin :

Great post! I’m with Stephanie on this. I got one from the Kickstarter campaign and it just doesn’t deliver. I think your analysis is good and the company will probably fail unless finding some new edge (maybe with combination of other industries like hotels or other things)