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Very interesting, Aaron. I had a similar concern to @rdalal in that I wonder if more established, better capitalized companies will eventually enter this market and try to run Common Bond out. I also wonder if they will continue to be able to continue to fund a scholarship for each loan as they continue to grow and the market becomes more competitive.

On December 14, 2015, AF commented on CVS Health: Transforming Healthcare :

Great insights, Shaharyar. One interesting use case for the data they collect is how they use that data to prevent people from using over the counter drugs to create massive amounts illegal drugs. I know there are certain companies working with CVS Health to prevent these large purchases across various stores, and wonder how much of that mission CVS Health can bring in house and potentially advertise this social mission.

Very interesting, Rahkeem. I had a similar concern to @mrosetto – did you read this key partnership with Equinix as a potential problem in the future at all? I know Facebook benefited greatly from having their own datacenters, and wonder how easy it would be to switch partners or create their own data centers should Equinix prohibitively increase the price in the future.