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On December 14, 2015, Alina Mozzhukhina commented on New York Road Runners: Run for Life :

Great post!

I was always interested how such organizations in different cities manage administrative issues with local government. For example, does NYRR pay to the city in order to block central streets for several hours? Who identifies when and where the event will be held? What public authorities are involved? How risks are separated between public authorities and NYRR?

On December 14, 2015, Alina Mozzhukhina commented on Beacon Air: Making Private Jets Accessible for Everyone :

Interesting article!

I wonder how does Beacon Air manage relationships with Dynamic Aviation and how do they share revenue and expenses? I used to do project for Russian airline company that was considering to enter this market and start similar flights from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (similar distance to BOS/NY). The company was thinking of doing the whole business itself without inviting partners since it has all the needed capabilities (customer service, schedule managing, etc.) and resources (fleet, clients database, etc.)

On December 14, 2015, Alina Mozzhukhina commented on Pizza-Pizza or Win-Win? Little Caesars, A Slice Above The Rest :

Great article, Thomas!

I’ve never been in Little Caesars and now am very interested to try it! However, qulaity concerns me a little bit: you say they make pizzas ahead of time and store them in an oven so they are fresh when you buy them… Does it affect the quality of pizza? Is the qulaity important for customers – or you expect that quality for $5 pizza is not the top priority?

Another concern I have is whether I can find the same value proposition in another places. Business and operating models look quite simple and replicable. Can I compete with them entering the store tomorrow in Cambridge?