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On December 13, 2015, ajung commented on PANDORA WINNING MODEL :

Thanks for the interesting posting, Pandora is one of my favorite jewelry brand! It is interesting to know that the manufacturing facilities are outside of Europe and more than 70% of employees are located in Thailand. Because of its origin and brand image, I always thought it was made in Sweden or somewhere in Europe. Although I understand that they are putting efforts on standarization and modern production techniques, I still think one of Pandora’s competitive edge is the innovative, creative quality of the product. How does Pandora put effort to maintain this quailty? (e.i. manage the quality of craftmanship?)

On December 13, 2015, ajung commented on Instacart: Changing the game for groceries :

As one of Instacart user I found this very interesting to know more about the company. I’ve always wondered about the delivery process and didn’t know that the order process is decoupled and prepared by specialized store-shoppers/delivery person. I believe this enable them to increase the speed and capacity of the labor force, however this seems like easily replicable as well. Are there any severe threats from competitor or new innovative model?

On December 13, 2015, ajung commented on Hermès: The ultimate luxury company :

Very interesting note, thanks for posting. I am very surprised how this fashion company was ranked as #13 innovative company ahead of even Netflix. Regarding this note, I am curious apart from SKU changes (thanks to Freelancer’s creativity) what other efforts (if any) they are contributing to maintain as innovative fashion company. Thank you!