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On December 14, 2015, Aditya commented on Tinder: Business vs. Operating Model – is it a match? :

My concern with their business model is with keeping its user base
How does Tinder keep its users from continued usage after a match is made. It almost seems as though a romantic match is another lost user! Like Facebook where users have data and pictures that they have collected over a long period and continue using it, here as soon as long lasting match is made the couple would drop off.
Additionally competitors – There seems to be a fairly low barrier to entry, and a number of users maintain their accounts on more than one app. How does Tinder keep a users interest live on their app.

On December 14, 2015, Aditya commented on Tesla Motors – A Car Manufacturer with a Difference :

Thank you Saaket for your posts above, A lot of Tesla’s success lies in the R&D efforts from Mr. Musk, How will Tesla compete once Self driving cars come into the picture. They will need to compete with the likes of Apple/ Google technology and more importantly compete with them for talent. Currently Tesla is the only serious player (and BMW, i8 and i3) in the pure play electric vehicle so talent is easy to come by.
How will Tesla respond when Apple and Google claw back, and start eating into Tesla’s talent and over spend Tesla on R&D.

Great Post Kate! I have a pair of WB and have always wondered how they are able to maintain margins to grow particularly when reimbursing up to $50 to fit my glasses at a competing optometrist. What I really like though is their differentiation and their online presence. When it launched it was one of the first websites that allowed this online trial of all the frames you picked out (online). made shopping considerably easier.