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On December 14, 2015, AClay commented on Pixar Animation Studios: Creative Kaizen :

Great article! I wonder if Pixar was able to keep its unique culture after the Disney buyout. Disney has such a strong culture itself, that I would imagined that it would be hard for Disney’s culture to not suffocate Pixar’s culture.

Also, Shared Dailies sound freighting like Bridgewater’s immediate feedback model to me. I wonder how direct their feedback is at Pixar.

Awesome read! I would have never guessed that Trader Joe was more profitable than Whole Foods, or that it was founded way back in 1960. I really thought that the chain popped up over night a few years ago.

On December 14, 2015, AClay commented on 5-hour Energy: Get your boost for the day :

This is a really compelling story. I wonder what the initial catalyst was that allowed 5 Hour to make it onto the shelves of so many national chains like GMC and Walgreens so quickly.