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On December 14, 2015, tomisgr8t commented on Manicube – The $15, 15 minute, in-office manicure/lifesaver :

Love this company! I think sourcing labor at scale will be a challenge for this business as demand is highly concentrated at certain times of the day, and part-time labor needs to be sourced to accommodate this. I question how much part-time labor at a given nail salon is available at peak hours to facilitate this, which leads me to believe that manicube appointments are scheduled during traditionally ‘off’ hours of the day. This could be a setback from the demand side, where you may only be able to justify a break, especially while being organized by HR, during normal business hours.

If Manicube gets this model to work, they could use manicures as a way to get employees to stay in the office for longer (and get more productive time out of them)!

On December 14, 2015, tomisgr8t commented on GNC – Supplementation Gone Wrong :

As you pointed out, GNC’s great asset is its brand. While I certainly don’t lift, I’d imagine this is an industry where brand equity is valuable and products are highly sticky. I wonder why GNC isn’t doubling down on their private label offering — perhaps there’s a significant manufacturing hurdle. I think there’s ample opportunity here for them to lock customers in to a subscription agreement for automatic refills and personalized supplements that are honed for personal goals and body types.

On December 14, 2015, tomisgr8t commented on INSTACART: Fresh Food Fast :

This is a great post! It’ll be interesting to see how this story plays out. Scaling off-line is a tough challenge, and we’ve definitely seen elements of this fail among startups that have provided on-demand labor in food and and elsewhere. I’d be curious to know if Instacart has been revenue-generating on net for their grocery partners instead of cannibalizing sales that would have otherwise happened offline.