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On December 1, 2017, Abhishek Nanda commented on Alaska Airlines and Climate Change: Cleaning-Up the Skies :

Interesting read and very well researched article! Interesting to see what Alaska is doing with alternate fuels, a younger fleet and more digitization across the supply chain to limit its emissions and reduce the impact to climate.

Interesting topic and well written article! Much of the growth in meat consumption is now being driven in emerging markets such as India where meat consumption has traditionally been low. I suspect it’ll be a lot easier to convert first-time/new meat eaters to substitutes and if can get the cost low enough.

Very well written and interesting read Isabel! While I am skeptical of the government being able to impose a 45% tariff due to retaliation from China, I agree that such isolationist policies will hasten adoption of advanced automation and AI-based technologies in factories. I am curious to see if Nike can find ways to source raw materials and move onshore some of the up-stream activities.

On December 1, 2017, Abhishek Nanda commented on Nissan at the Brexit Poker Table :

Thanks for sharing this insightful analysis. One key concern that emerged after reading this article is the adverse, unfair impact of isolationist movements such as Brexit on small business owners. While Nissan is able to negotiate ‘deals’ with Theresa May and leverage its global network of production facilities to mitigate the effect of Brexit, small-business owners that rely on imports and exports will bear the brunt of Brexit. It is imperative that the governments and institutions think more closely about the impact of such policies on small business owners.

On December 1, 2017, Abhishek Nanda commented on Amazon’s Response to the OTT Universe :

Very well written and interesting read! I believe that the purchasing data will enable Amazon to construct more accurate user personas and target content based on that insights. While Apple and Facebook have two of the largest consumer distribution channels in the world, I think they are best positioned to target certain segments of content such as user-generated live content or short-form video clips. Netflix and Amazon have a fairly strong head start in aggregating and creating wide range of premium content.

On December 1, 2017, Abhishek Nanda commented on Convoy Poised to Win the Startup Trucking Race :

Very well written and interesting analysis on Convoy. While I think that Convoy is moving in the right direction, my hypothesis is that the advent of self-driving trucks will give new players with the self-driving technology to create a new marketplace for truckers and shippers. Convoy will need to leverage its head-start in the space to create strong network effects with the IoT data and likely strike partnerships/acquire companies to maintain its market position.