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On December 14, 2015, ABenas commented on AmenZone – Training for Life :

Hey Rex,

Amen and his right hand man Lamar do lead special events in malls and town squares. Sometimes they even do group training events outside the gym. The most popular one was the weekend training session on Camelback Mountain (great hike if you are ever in the Phoenix area).

On December 12, 2015, ABenas commented on AmenZone – Training for Life :

Yeah. I think Amen is replicating the CrossFit model a bit too literally. That said, it really is a great workout. If against all odds the franchise model does take off and you see an AmenZone, you should try it out!

Totally agree that the value proposition of RTR is to give every woman her own Cinderella moment.

Given they have gotten their own processes so efficient with their super searchable website, easy order experience and the prepaid return envelopes, I think RTR’s next frontier is providing a consistent size and quality experience to their customers. Do you think RTR should address that by enhancing their website (better images, more sizing information) or by working with designers? What do you think the biggest challenges facing RTR today?

On December 12, 2015, ABenas commented on Sweetgreen: Live the Sweetlife :

I went to Sweet Greens yesterday and was shocked at how packed it was at 2 PM. While waiting in line and making the requisite TOM jokes, it did occur to me that cycle time creating a salad was less than 5 minutes!

Given the efficiency of the salad assembly process, how could Sweet Greens shorten the wait time?

I think the reducing the product mix (number of salads to choose from) and eliminating custom salads.

I am curious on your take if Chipotle’s focus on speed and efficiency has contributed to the recent ecoli outbreaks?


On December 10, 2015, ABenas commented on AmenZone – Training for Life :

Great point John. I was going to post some additional pictures in response to your comment… but then I worried it might make my posting look like it was late.

This woman’s blog has some shots of the North Scottsdale location (which is where I went).


It was next store to a place that detailed cars. Maybe they had a deal on the used tires!