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On December 14, 2015, Abe Froman commented on Expeditors International – Simply Synchronized :

Steven, thank you for writing about a very interesting business. I am wondering, though, how this businesses motto and their business model in general are that closely aligned with the operating model. “You’d be surprised how far we’ll go for you” seems like a great motto in theory but I’m still confused as to how that permeates through their day to day operating model. Thank you in advance for your guidance.


On December 14, 2015, Abe Froman commented on Porcelain God: The Buc-ee’s Empire :

Partner, great piece. I had no idea about this business and they clearly have developed a cult-like following. As someone who has not had the pleasure of stopping at a Bucc-ee’s before, I am left wondering what makes this model particularly hard to replicate. Yes, they have a loyal customer base but from the sounds of it there isn’t anything that is distinctly hard to recreate. Still, they must be doing something right. Thanks again for writing about this.

On December 14, 2015, Abe Froman commented on McKinsey – A Lack of Structural Optimization :

Well, it looks like all the consultants chimed in on this one! I think this is a fascinating piece of a very successful company. Do you think that they would be better served changing their recruiting practice? (i.e. What if they recruited globally for the NYC office or the Dubai office and as such you had a diverse talent pool still based out of one office.) I guess this becomes equally dangerous when all of a sudden McKinsey and the client is favoring one geography more than another and therefore there are certain offices that aren’t utilized effectively. Thanks for writing about this.

Fascinating piece. I appreciate the fact that there is a social component to a business model that clearly is growing and continuing to attract consumers. I am curious as to what the likes of Goldman Sachs sees in a business like this in the long term. They have clearly made a big bet on ThreadUp and I wonder how long they expect this investment to play out for. Thanks for writing about this.

On December 14, 2015, Abe Froman commented on Gelson’s: The Super Market :

Interesting piece; but I have to wonder if it’s just another flavor of the week in a very short-sighted West Coast market. Will they be able to take price when need be? They seem to have built a very loyal fan-base, I just wonder how scale-able the model is. Nonetheless I appreciate seeing people on skateboards in the store; very uber trendy.

On December 14, 2015, Abe Froman commented on Nike’s Category Offense on the Offensive :

Great piece. I think, though, a big part of Category Offense is this idea that Nike is connecting with their consumer 12 months a year and so it actually removes the geographical split. Additionally, Nike has been able to keep costs down by sourcing their material in the local currency they manufacture the product it. It is a bit nuanced but is a reason for why Nike maintains higher margins than most of its peers. This is truly a world-class brand; glad you wrote on it!