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On April 13, 2020, vertigo commented on Nudging your way to the top? :

Great article! Thanks.

I like the idea of nudging because many companies try to change employees’ behavior by forcing. Nudging in this sense sounds acceptable and effective. I would definitely try out if the service can tell me how I can be a better person.

I wonder, though, how much “machine learning” is involved. It sounds all great but there might be some people behind the desk and writing random things. (sorry for the skepticism) If the message is not tailored and customized for individuals, Humu might not have a competitive advantage against other survey tools. I also agree that the measurement of success is very important. Because the service requires extra tasks for employees (lots of surveys, checking emails, etc), if not successful, cost-effectiveness might not good enough to sustain the service.

On April 13, 2020, vertigo commented on Data Transparency-Privacy Tradeoff During a Pandemic :

Very interesting article! Thanks.

I also worry about the long term consequences of data privacy. Although I think it is different than surveillance for counterterrorism, I agree that some government might not give up or even use private data for own good.
I think, similar to Paula’s point, cultural and social context is very important here. If a government is fully transparent and has a great system of checks and balances, digital tracing in public crisis situation makes total sense. If it is not the case, voluntary and temporary measures like tracing apps might be the way. Personally, I will give up my private information if I can protect other people’s health and life by doing so.

Amazing. I was curious how do people actually feel about HireVue experience while I was writing about the company. Thank you!

I agree that the product has a lot of problems especially around equal opportunity including disabled candidates. However, the issue would be that, as for the employer, benefits are clear; cost-cutting, faster process. The proliferation of AI-driven hiring practices seems inevitable. Intervention by regulatory would be the only way to mitigate the possible issue of discrimination.