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On April 19, 2022, cto2 commented on The Implementation of People Analytics :

I appreciated this article because it reinforces the foundation of starting with good data and baselines. I appreciated your insight about internally facing because there is research that internal reflections (at least with pedagogy) help reinforce and uncover the values, goals, and critical functions/motivations that help connect you from point A to point B. I’m stealing the Value and Time/Effort table for personal use. – Camlinh To

I enjoyed reading about your takeaways about Ralf’s insights on organizational network divided up into expertise and collaboration – I agree that the skill/capability evaluation process starts with the human reviewer and more is needed to understand the inputs/outputs for performance measurement.

Hi Vivien, I appreciated this article about the breakdown of Service vs Platform model and the flaws that you uncovered. I took a look into the Medium article and it seems to bend towards the idea that anything operationalized can be automated. It sounds like from your comparison with the Platform model and solutions function that you believe individualized feedback is more impactful than automated self-serving data. I think my question is that it mentions in the article that Partnerships require PhDs and heavy expertise from Data Scientists – how do we compare the ROI between the two models? maybe I’m missing something here. – Camlinh

On April 19, 2022, cto2 commented on Can People Analytics Curtail The Great Resignation? :

I think that key stat about employees not mind being monitored can be misleading – I actually think it depends on the industry and where you work. I would imagine that those who work in tech are more attuned to the boundaries and that this type of data governance also differs in the EU for example. I know that some of my EU family members are quite anti-Google because of the data privacy issues – perhaps the world will change.