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Thanks for your thoughts on this extremely important challenge, E.B. It’s a question that dominates big tech, pharma, and now analytics. Often in mergers synergies are overestimated. I’d be interested to see if there’s an attempt to integrate the two companies or continue to operate them as separate entities, and share learnings frequently.

On April 20, 2022, Samar commented on All you need is data…or not? :

Great post, Eliza. And it’s the question of finding a balance on privacy, accurate metrics and usage, that seem as important if not more than conducting the analyses itself. My sense is that before embarking on evaluating predetermined metrics, it’s crucial to set boundaries (and a value system maybe!) on the purpose of the exercise and stick to those. Having said that, I feel it’s harder to do as a collective organization than as an individual.

On April 20, 2022, Samar commented on People Analytics and Hybrid Work :

Thanks for sharing your perspective on this, Amanda. It’s certainly one of the most important questions that’s stemmed from the pandemic. I am generally curious about – how much data and analyses is too much? Do we know when we are getting too dependent on tools and algorithms than having a human pulse of the workplace? And how can we achieve a balance of both? Finally, I think one of the challenges I see in a post-pandemic world is scaling analytics effectively for organizations with large workforces. That’s something we spoke about with Eric Yuan, Founder & CEO of Zoom, in a SIP in January. He famously asked employees not to come to work if they weren’t feeling happy / up to it. That’s apparently a challenge now with 6000 employees than it was with 300 in the early days.