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On April 19, 2022, Kendall Maxwell commented on People Analytics at IBM :

Great post, Tyler! I appreciated learning more about IBM’s use of people analytics and AI for internal employee development. It can often feel like we are hyper focused on using analytics to evaluate performance or culture, so it’s great to see how this technology can be used proactively to help employees build the skills they need to succeed. As you alluded to, this is particularly important as the economy requires workers to develop new skills; therefore, I hope to see other companies in traditional industries like manufacturing adopt similar programs.

Thanks for this great post, David! I think you’ve called out a crucial step – data literacy – in making people analytics accessible and relevant. This seems particularly important in the context of people analytics when the results of different analyses may have a direct impact on employees’ employment and thus financial wellbeing. Therefore we need to proactively address the “intellectual debt” that Professor Zittrain references, and think about how we can better educate employees about the work people analytics’ teams conduct so that they can fully internalize how they might influence their career trajectory.

Great post, Michael! I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about GDPR and its impact on people analytics, and I agree with your point that people analytics professionals have a chance to figure out this trade-off. In order to do this, I think leaders will have to find ways to explain the benefits of using this data in analysis so that employees understand how this work can improve their jobs, performance, etc. It may also help to tell employees what companies won’t do with the data, so employees know that there are clear boundaries as well.