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On April 19, 2022, Hans Husmann commented on People Analytics for a trip to Mars? :

People analytics on Mars – and here I thought we hadn’t even done a great job on earth yet 🙂

Great scoop Samar! Given that NASA is a government organization I wondered if there could be a similar effect to the DARPA/Silicon Valley cooperation. What if agencies like the CIA/NSA/Army use experimental technologies in people analytics that slowly get introduced to the private sector?

Georgiy, I enjoyed reading this as a non-football fan 😉

The oberservation around sophistication on analysis vs. presentation seemed like a great comment on the general struggle of people analytics (or even us in People Analytics at times). Do you think creating a simple and intutive presentation of findings is even harder in this field given the complexitiy of human interactions?

On April 19, 2022, Hans Husmann commented on The Dark Side of People Analytics :

Elena, really liked your perspective on the “dark side” of people analytics. What was for me behind all of this is perhaps even people analytics (and the rigour it can bring to the workplace) as the enemy of creativity?